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On this page, I have made some audio and video recordings available for free download. Some will just be Scripture readings, and others will include some teaching or commentary that I use in my therapy with clients. With the audio files, you can either listen to them on your computer, load them onto your IPOD (right-click the 'MP3' icon), or use your computer software to create a standard CD that you can play in your car stereo, etc. (ASSURANCE: I assure you there's no adware or spyware or any other kind of junk in these files. I wouldn't know how to do that if I wanted to, which I don't.)

Please e-mail me and let me know if you've listened or downloaded one of these teachings. I would love to hear from you.

1 Psalms: - A Winzip file of 36 MP3 files. (52 mb, about 10 min. download at high speed); or

Psalms: psalms.exe - Self-extracting WinZip file (does not need Winzip to extract the files) Save the .exe file onto your Desktop, then double-click it and save the files in a folder on your computer.

Click here for an on-line listing of the available Psalms for listening on your computer or downloading to your hard drive.


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Introduction --- --- --- (Right-click)...

Listen to this short introduction to get a sense of what I'm doing with these teachings and what my focus is.

NOTE: The audios take a few minutes to start because of their size. Please click and be patient. I would fix this if I could, but I can't, so I thank you for your grace.



"The Epistle of Joy" (Philippians, 65 minutes, 60 meg) --- --- --- (Right-click)...

The book of Philippians is an amazing testimony to the Apostle Paul's ability to put his circumstances behind him and see his life through God's eyes. If you want your life to be transformed, listen and learn this powerful epistle to the power of God to make every life the best it can be, regardless of our circumstances.



"Guilt" (Ezekiel 36, 16 minutes, 15 meg) --- --- --- (Right-click)...

"I know God has forgiven me, but I can't forgive myself. Further, I don't believe I deserve the forgiveness and the love of God." If that's you, then please listen to this audio showing you the heart of God, where His forgiveness comes from, and what He expects you to do with it. Your life is not about you. Listen to this and learn what that means, and how that idea sets you free.



"My Sins Are Too Big" (Luke 7, Romans 7, Various, 49 minutes, 45 meg) --- --- --- (Right-click)...

"I know that people tell me that God has forgiven me for my sins, but my sins have been so big, so bad, and so many, that I don't believe God will want to forgive me. I just don't deserve His forgiveness." If that describes you, then please listen to this audio, and allow God to comfort you with His love. There is nothing you've done, either as an unbeliever before you came to Christ, or since you've received His Holy Spirit in your heart, that is so bad as to put you outside of His love or outside of His reach. Listen to this audio and let Him set you free.

Also, watch this 10-minute video on the Prodigal Son.



"Lessons from the beginning - Adam and Eve" (Genesis 3, 16 minutes, 15 meg) --- --- --- (Right-click)...

Learn the lessons of the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden: Disobedience and rebellion, hiding from God, blame-shifting and excuse-making, the first sacrifice, the covering of their shame, and the ultimate protection and love of God.



"How to Apologize Biblically, Parts 1 and 2" (Total 12 minutes)



"Where is Jesus When I Need Him?" (Total 10 minutes)

Where is Jesus when you're in the middle of your storm? A study of the "walking on water" event.



"Do You Wish to Get Well?" (Total 10 minutes)

John 5, The well of Bethesda. Let God have a conversation with you about your illness. Is there something underlying the obvious that is making it much more difficult to heal?



"Envy or Surrendering to Provision from God" (Total 10 minutes)

Numbers 7. When we find ourselves envious and coveting what other's have, we are carrying around an emotional burden that is bondage. Let God's Word help you soothe your envious heart and find the peace that surpasses understanding. He is the Potter, and we are the clay. Let Him release you from the bondage of envy.



"Peace Which Surpasses Comprehension, Parts 1 & 2" (Total 18 minutes)

Phil 4, 2 Cor 11, 2 Cor 4. Learn Paul's secret of being content and of finding that peace which surpasses comprehension. You really can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.



"Anxiety and finding your peace" (Total 9 minutes)

A look at Jesus' words in the Sermon on the Mount, and how He addresses our worries and anxieties.


"Grace and Mercy, gifts from God Parts 1 & 2" (Total 20 minutes)

Proverbs 13:7-8 Learn the subtle truths about Grace, Mercy, being holy, and the glory of God. Let the truth set you free from the bondages created by our misunderstandings of what these precious words truly mean. (Ok, so maybe it's more like 20 minutes.... )



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