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What is trauma, and is it affecting my life?
What is 'Talk Therapy,' and why do I need it?
What is 'Emotional Abuse,' and am I in it?
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The Freedom Newsletter:

When I sit down to spend time with the Lord in the morning, I will often have moments of recognition that I call my "Ah, ha!" moments. These are times when the Lord has shown me something in Scripture I hadn't seen before, has applied it to my life in a new way, or has brought to mind a client or friend or someone I need to share it with. These are some of the things I use in my therapy with my clients, and I have seen lives change.

Given their power, I have decided to e-mail them out to anyone who would like to have a sneak-peak into my version of therapy. This is an "Opt-in" mailing. To receive these newsletters, fill out the form below and click the "Send" button. An e-mail will be generated and sent to my in-box, and I will add your e-mail address to the group to receive the e-mails. You can opt back out again at any time to remove your name from the list. I assure you that your e-mail address will never go anywhere other than my group list, and will be hidden in all mailings.

The mailings won't be done on a schedule. Rather, they will go out as the Lord leads me, hopefully a few a month. If you would like to see an example, click here.

For the Index of previous mailings, click here.

To receive this periodic journal newsletter, please e-mail me at sue @ with the subject: "Newsletter." (cut-and-paste, and then remove the spaces before hitting 'send.' Sorry for the bother, but this cuts down on spam.).


Open Heart Christian Counseling
Sue H. McHenry, LCSW-C
Waldorf, MD 20601

*Family of clients - Due to legal restrictions, I cannot return
your calls or e-mails without the client's written permission. Also, to maintain the
trust of my client, I will have to tell them you have contacted me.


Note: There are occasions when an e-mail may get lost in cyberspace. I answer all e-mails, so please, if you don't hear from me within 24 hours, e-mail me again. Persistence will get you through.

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