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What is CILe?

CILe is a therapist-developed private practice management software package designed to allow a mental health therapist to manage all data-related aspects of their work with their clients. It is designed for a single therapist working in a clinic or in private practice, and if the therapist desires, an Admin person for off-site fiscal management, as well.

For a detailed description of it's purpose and features, please click here.

CILe has been awarded the coveted "5-Cow" rating with the on-line software distribution site Tucows.

To access the on-line help system, click here.

For a 15-minute Windows Media Player demo/training of CILe Part 1, click here. This shows a brief overview of the general CILe menus, and more details of the client-specific menus.

For a 22-minute Windows Media Play demo/training of CILe Part 2, click here. This provides a more detailed view of the general menus and capabilities of CILe.

Southern Maryland therapists - click here for a newly forming fellowship community - The Southern Maryland Christian Counselors Fellowship.

To download a fully-functional 5-client trial version of CILe or download the latest version, click the 'Download' button below.

For reviews by current users, click here

CILe has been tested on Windows XP and Windows Vista machines. It is a Microsoft Access 2007 application. If you have any other platform and try it, please let me know how the installation and execution go so I can report that news to others who might be interested. I do not have access to computers with other OS's to test these platforms myself. I would appreciate any information you can provide.

If you have any interest in more information, please e-mail me at the e-mail link below.

What does CILe cost?

My introductory cost is $399, paid through PayPal. Once you've downloaded and tried CILe with your first five clients, then all you need is the registration code to add as many clients as you'd like. Please make prior arrangements with me via e-mail to pay the fee as I can't often get to the computer immediately, and I wouldn't want you to wait for the Registration Code once you've paid for it. If we coordinate it, you'll be more at ease.

EARLY VERSION DISCOUNT: While CILe is in this initial deployment phase, I will be selling it for $300. The only conditions are that 1) you agree to notify me of anything that you perceive is wrong or of any features you would like added, 2) you have already tried the trial version and like what you see, and 3) that you grant me a little grace as we work through some of the early-phase contingencies.



Sue H. McHenry, LCSW-C


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